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Mother Earth

(Infant Rm.)

Mother Earth was designed to promote & encourage each individual as they develop a sense of the world around them. Some of many daily activities include, social play, music & story time, & group activities such as stretch & grow, tummy time, as well as, free exploration & movement.

Toddler Galaxy

(Infant Transition Rm.)

In Toddler Galaxy young toddlers explore greater challenges. This room is specifically designed to meet the needs of growing babies who are not yet ready for a pre-school academic schedule. Here older babies will continue to strengthen their abilities. Teachers use an inclusive curriculum, which is developmentally appropriate.

Canvas Clouds

(Art Rm.)

In Canvas Clouds, children will use a variety of art tools. This room is designed to release each child’s inner artistic ability and promote individual expression.

Preschoolers painting

Rhythm River

(Music Rm.)

Rhythm River is designed to offer a range of musical experiences, which cultivate an appreciation for music, dancing, singing as well as learning to play instruments.

Rainforest Retreat

(Technology & Library Rm.)

The Retreat is our one stop for library and interactive computer experiences. In Rainforest Retreat children will be exposed to dual language lessons, as well as interactive software that allows them to enhance their skills in math, reading, and writing. Our interactive Smart Board exposes children to higher levels of technology at a developmentally appropriate pace.

Counting Oasis

(Math Rm.)

In Counting Oasis children practice their abilities to actively solve problems, become familiar with patterns, and explore mathematical activities, which support higher-level thinking.

Asteroid Atmosphere

(Science Rm.)

Asteroid Atmosphere is a space designed to create hands-on discovery. Here children are taken on a journey of detection that allows them to wonder, question, and discover using their senses. The magic of science and exploration activities challenge children’s everyday thinking, while encouraging them to enhance their reasoning skills.

Alphabet Lagoon

(Language & Literacy Rm.)

The Lagoon exposes children to high levels of literacy. Promoting language development while providing purposeful activities in thinking, speaking, listening, reading and writing. Whole and small group instruction prepare children for the activities that extend the concepts and skills that children have already been exposed to.

Boy and girl reading

Social Meadows

(Social Studies Rm.)

Social Meadows focuses on the world around us both from a geographical viewpoint and social and emotional stance. Here children experience the world by traveling with classmates throughout the U.S. and our neighboring nations. They are encouraged to think critically while examining the interconnections among social, economic and environmental issues.

Gymnastic Jungle

(Gym Rm.)

Gymnastic Jungle provides an indoor release for children. Here they will develop and refine their gross and fine motor skills. While engaging in a variety of sporting activities, such as our “jungle rock-climbing wall”, children will enhance their cooperative learning abilities while building their physical strength.

Coconut Café


Coconut Café is designed to enrich children’s dining experiences by allowing them to socialize with their peers as well as put into practice the teachings from our American School of Protocol, Manners and Etiquette Program. Here children will set their table and help to clean up, as well as practice proper eating habits. Teachers will always be present to assist and monitor children as needed.

1st Grade Project Based Learning Program

Our goal at TTA is to continue to emphasize your child’s desire to learn by fostering an environment in which your child is empowered to learn and think independently using a project based learning approach. Project Based Learning (PBL) is a student led, research driven methodology to learning that incorporates a “GUIDED” approach versus the traditional teacher led instruction.

For many parents, the next steps beyond early childhood education includes having to decide which method of learning best suites their child. While some believe that traditional school is a part of their child’s journey, we at TTA believe that every child deserves the opportunity to learn and grow as an individual without the limitations and rigidity that traditional schools require. Project Based Learning removes the limitations while avoiding the rigidity by incorporating research driven classes that are designed to encourage your child to explore and think beyond what they see. We at TTA believe that Project Based Learning is truly next level learning that will give your child the confidence to express their thoughts without the fear of being wrong, criticized, or judged. Project Based Learning eliminates large group anxieties by fostering an environment that nourishes the mind of a child through co-operative learning. A student led environment is more meaningful because students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning, and to think independently. Additionally, students will be empowered to take responsibility for their choices, schedules, and peer relationships. They are accountable for their daily learning without being forced into routines. Our goal is to enable our students to find their purpose, identify their strengths and passions which will help them reach their maximum potential as contributors to our society.

Schedule of Coursework:

  • PE
  • Project Time
  • Course Time
  • Language
  • Literacy
  • Math

Our project based learning program is an integrated environment which encourages student interaction throughout the day. Students will not have specific time limits for each subject. They will progress through the program at their own pace which will be based on their abilities and strengths. To truly immerse students into study units, children will engage in school field trips to which parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend. You should consider this program for your child if you are a parent wishing to expose your child to a lifelong learning experience that fosters a love of learning, free thinking, and self-confidence.
Our desire to educate children involves working with families by maintaining very reasonable tuition rates. A commitment to educate our children should not be a financial burden for anyone.

Space for this program will be limited as class sizes will be small in order to facilitate positive interaction amongst our students.

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“I am amazed by my daughter’s ability to read and write at such a young age! I have noticed such a growth in her verbal communication skills and ability to hold intelligent conversations! She is doing math facts that my 7 year old is learning!!!”